How To Move While Keeping Your Pets Safe


You're having a great, normal day at home and suddenly your entire family packs the entire house up, puts you in a box with a few holes, and you end up in a brand new place you've never seen with no idea where anything you own is located. This is probably pretty close to the way beloved pets feel when their owners decide it's time for a move.

For humans, moving creates a tremendous amount of stress and they are not only aware of what is happening, but they made the decision to move in the first place. Reducing the amount of stress the pet endures during a move is paramount to the pet's overall health and how happy he or she will be in the new home.

Visiting The Neighborhood

Once your search for a new house or apartment has been somewhat narrowed down, take your pet on a drive to the neighborhood and take a walk. This will give your pet a chance to experience the neighborhood before moving there. It will also gives your pet a chance to spend a little more time in the car, easing the hassle of driving a pet on moving day. Be sure to note the other dogs in the neighborhood, if there are any potentially aggressive ones and where they are located. Doing this a few weeks ahead of time will allow you to explore multiple routes, eventually finding the right fit for both you and your pet.

Beloved Boxes

While cats and some dogs really enjoy boxes, others might be bothered by the sight of towering boxes around the house. Begin packing way ahead of time and allow your pet to get familiar with the sight of them. When packing, try to pack up one room at a time, beginning with one they are hardly ever in and ending in a familiar place like the bedroom. On moving day, try to keep them in a quiet place with the door shut or perhaps even at a friend's house. The worst case scenario during a move is that your animal will get spooked and dart out of the house perhaps into traffic or even just forever lost.

In The Next Place

It's important to try to adjust back into the daily routine as quickly as possible. This will ensure the happiness of pretty much everyone in the family. You may also notice it may take your cat longer to adjust than your dog. Dogs are pretty happy wherever they are, as long as they are surrounded by the people they love. Cats, on the other hand, are used to certain surroundings so moving is a more terrifying experience for them.

Remember that the change is only temporary and getting back into a familiar routine quickly will ensure a quick recovery for your pet. They are definitely part of our families and keeping them safe and happy is of the utmost priority, especially during something as stressful as moving everyone and everything to a new place. Take the time to walk your pet in the quiet of dusk for a while, perhaps allowing for some actual rest after an anxiety-filled few days. Also, always try to have as much empathy as possible for your furry family members, they will know and appreciate the extra care.

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2 September 2015

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