Protecting Important Documents When You Move Your Business To A New Location


If you are going to be moving your business to a new location, you are undoubtedly starting the packing process to get ready for a commercial moving company to haul your belongings to your new establishment. Documentation will need to be properly cared for so you do not suffer from unnecessary downtime when you arrive at your new building. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your business documentation arrives to its destination without unfortunate mishaps.

Back Up Important Information Before Packing Documents

It is extremely important to have a backup of paperwork in case it becomes lost or damaged while in transit. Photocopying documentation and keeping the duplicates in your own vehicle to bring to your establishment is one method you can use to protect your business' livelihood when you get to your new building. To eliminate bulky boxes or bins of paperwork, photographs can be taken of these documents and then uploaded to an external hard drive for safekeeping. Keep this hard drive with your personal belongings instead of placing it on the moving truck with the physical paperwork to make the likelihood of losing everything at once decrease.

Consider Shredding No Longer Needed Paperwork To Reduce The Load

When you start the packing process, it is a good idea to go through your paperwork instead of stuffing it into containers for the move. This will allow you to decrease the amount you are bringing along, reducing the amount of space you will require for these documents on the moving truck. Purchase a shredding machine or hire a shredding service to destroy the paperwork before your move. A shredding service will also undertake the task of recycling the paper appropriately so you do not need to dispose of it on your own.

Organize And Protect Your Paperwork Before It Is Packed

Try to organize your paperwork to the best of your ability before you move it to your new building. Placing file folders into archival boxes in alphabetical order will make it easier to transfer them to file drawers or cabinets before your new business opens. Make sure to label all boxes appropriately so you can find important information as soon as you possibly can after your boxes are removed from the moving truck. Consider lining each box with a large plastic bag before you slide in your file folders or stacks of paperwork. This will aid in keeping moisture from becoming an issue.


23 February 2017

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