How To Prepare A Motorcycle For A Move


When moving an extremely long distance, whether it is across the country or internationally, you're going to have to have your motorcycle professionally moved, as it is both impractical and inconvenient to drive it to your new home. However, before you pack your motorcycle up to be transported, you need to make sure that you adequately prepare it for the journey to ensure that it does not become damaged while it is being moved.

Drain the Fluids

Before your motorcycle is moved, you need to ensure that all of the fluids that could post a safety hazard to the moving company are removed. This means that you need to drain the oil and gas out of the bike, which you can either do yourself or you can have a mechanic do for you. While he's having the fluids drained, it's a good idea that he takes a look at the non-dangerous fluids as well, such as the coolant and transmission, to ensure that everything is in good working order. This isn't necessary for the move, but is just good general sense.

Remove the Battery

In a similar vein to the above point, you need to remove your motorcycle's battery and move it separately. This helps protect it from the elements and physical damage that your motorcycle will experience during the move, and ensures that your battery does not lose its charge during the move and leaves your bike inoperable once you finally unpack.

General Cleaning

Though it may seem superficial, cleaning your motorcycle thoroughly before a long distance trip is a good idea, because it can help prevent rust and corrosion from taking hold. It will also allow you to see the condition of your motorcycle's parts in greater detail, allowing you to notice any new damage that happens during the move that the moving company may be liable for.

Remove the Accessories

You should also make an effort to remove any loose parts that may come off of your motorcycle during the move. This includes things like the handlebars, mirrors, saddlebags, or anything else which you may have had added on. This will reduce the risk of those components becoming damaged or falling off during the move. In addition, as many vehicle moving companies charge by weight and size, removing whatever parts can come off of your motorcycle can help you save money on your overall bill as well.

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24 February 2017

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