A Quick Guide For Getting Your Summer Water Gear Ready For Storage


As summer starts to wind down, and fall starts to creep in, it is time to start getting all of your summer gear ready for storage so you have extra space in your garage, bedroom and home for all the fall and winter items you are going to need. Here is a quick guide to summer water items that you should put in storage, and a few quick tips for how to store those items effectively.

Pool Toys

If you have a pool, or just have pool toys that you take with you when you go to the neighborhood pool or out on the lake, now is the time to get them ready for storage. The first thing you are going to want to do is rinse them all off; you don't want chlorine or salt sitting on them all year. Do this on a day when it is still warm outside. Lay the pool toys on some towels and allow them to air dry in the sun.

Once they are all dry, place them inside of a plastic storage bin. Try your best to purchase a bin that is large enough that you can lay the pool toys flat. If your plastic pool toys are folded and bent too many times, they could develop cracks in them and be no good when next summer rolls around.  


If you own a hard shelled kayak, you are going to want to use some gentle soap, such as a natural car wash soap, to clean both the inside and outside of the kayak. You are going to want to allow it adequate time to dry out before you move it into storage.

You want to evenly distribute the weight of your kayak when you put it into storage. If one area of the kayak is forced to hold all the weight, your kayak could become compromised and crack while it is in storage. The best way to store it is to hang it up from the wall or from the ceiling using holders made for kayaks. 

Life Jackets

You should wash all of your life jackets inside of your washing machine in order to make sure that all the dirt, grim and bacteria that can take hold inside of the life jacket is not allowed to fester for the rest of the year. Depending on the care instructions on your life jacket, you may need to let it air dry. If you can't put your life jacket in the dryer, plan on it taking at least a few days to air dry. 

Once the life jacket is dry, you should store it inside of a plastic storage bin in your storage unit. They should not require any extra cushioning while inside of the storage bin. You can even store them with your plastic pool toys.

One of the great things about all three of the summer water toys listed above is that they don't need to be stored in a climate controlled storage unit, so you don't have to spring for the extra money for that type of unit. As long as the storage unit you have is clean and is protected from the elements, each of the items listed above should be fine as long as they are either inside of a plastic storage bin or are hung up properly. For more information, contact your storage unit provider (like Island Movers).


4 September 2015

Keeping That Storage Unit Clean

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