A Few Things To Do To Get Ready For The Packers


If you have decided to hire a moving company (such as Bekins Van Lines Inc) to pack and move your household, it does not mean you have nothing to do but jump in the car and drive to the new house. To make sure that the move goes smoothly, and your stuff gets to where you need it to be, here are a few things to do before the day the packers are scheduled to arrive.

Declutter and Purge

You may have a hard time admitting it, but there are many things in your home you do not need or use any more. Now is the time to go through each room of the house and get rid of this stuff. You can choose to donate everything to a thrift store, have a garage sale or give it away to friends and family. The important thing is that you do not take it with you to be put on a shelf somewhere and forgotten.

Make an Inventory

As you are going through each room, make an inventory of the items that you are keeping. Each room should have its own inventory sheet. Now, when it comes time to unpack, you can quickly tell if something is missing.

Make Arrangements for Things that Have Special Moving Needs

Potted plants, animals and extra large items like a piano may require you contact a different company for moving them. When you first talk with the company that you are using, ask what types or things they cannot move and immediately find a company that can. You do not want to be standing in the driveway trying to figure out what to do as the movers are pulling away from the curb.

Make Labels

Every box needs to be labeled so you know where it belongs as it is taken off the truck. This can be something as simple as a colored dot sticker or a label that tells what room the box goes to. The packers should be given a paper with the different rooms and what the labels mean. You can even get to the house first and put the corresponding label on each door so everyone knows where everything is going.

There is no doubt that having professional packers and movers will make your relocation much easier. However, following these simple tips will ensure that the whole experience is done quickly and efficiently. Remember, your move is not really over until everything is in its new place. 


8 September 2015

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