Moving: Furnishings You Should Always Let Professionals Move For You


If you're a do-it-yourself kind of person, you likely want to move all your furnishings yourself when you move to a new house. Most of your furniture and appliances can be moved by yourself without causing any harm, but there are a few items that you should leave to the pros. Learn what they are and why a professional is best for the job.


In many cases, a piano has to be taken apart in order to move it down a flight of stairs or through a narrow hallway. A piano's strings can also become loose or broken if it is jarred too much while in motion. In the case of this large instrument, it's always best to allow a professional piano mover to relocate your piano for you. They have the necessary pulleys, carts, and expertise in moving your piano safely.

Grandfather clock

If you have one of these classic pieces in your home, you don't want to break its pendulum, glass case, or any gears while you are moving it from one location to another. Grandfather clocks also have weights in them that allow them to chime, and if these weights are shifted, your clock can work improperly. It's best to have residential movers relocate your grandfather clock for you so it can arrive at its new destination safe and sound.

Leather furniture

Leather furniture is prone to tearing and scratching if it is abused when it's moved. If you don't want this furniture to be damaged while it's being moved to a vehicle or down a flight of stairs, you may want to call a professional moving company to do the job for you. They can use special blankets and dollies to safely get your furniture out of your home and into a spacious moving van where your furniture won't be damaged.

Fish tank

Fish tanks are not only heavy, they are more fragile than you think. Your expensive fish tank can be shattered in minutes if you don't have proper weight distribution on all corners while you are moving it. Hire a local moving company to place your fish tank in a secure vehicle where it can be covered in sturdy blankets and packed with foam peanuts to ensure a safer delivery.

You can move many of your home's items on your own, but some of them, like your piano or your leather furniture, should be left in more capable hands. Allowing a professional to move your most fragile or expensive items can save you a lot of worry when you are moving. Contact a company like A-1 America's Best Moving for more information.



8 September 2015

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