5 Tips For Moving Your Mattress


One big and bulky item that everyone needs to move between homes is their mattress. It's important to take some extra care when moving your mattress, because it can become damaged or dirty during the moving process. Here are five tips to ensure that your mattress arrives at your new place in great condition, no matter what method of transportation you use.

Cover The Mattress

Your mattress should always be protected with plastic when moving it. This is so that it will have added protection to help keep it clean and protect it from getting wet.

You can buy a mattress bag from a local moving supplies store, which are made to the exact size of the mattress that you own.

Use Moving Pads To Protect The Mattress

Unfortunately, plastic wrap is not enough to protect the mattress against all types of damage. You should also drape the mattress with fabric moving pads, which are essentially blankets, for added protection. If a sharp object gets dragged across your mattress while moving it, chances are that it can go through the plastic wrap and create a hole in the fabric of the mattress itself.

Use A Truck That Is Covered

In an ideal situation, your mattress should be moved in a truck that is covered. It is typical for professional movers to already have a covered truck, so they will take care of this part for you.

However, moving on a budget can lead to using a flatbed truck. While plastic can keep your mattress dry during light rainfall or snow, the additional protection of using a covered truck will ensure that the mattress is safe and secure.

Tie The Mattress Down

If you must use a flatbed truck, always make sure that the mattress is securely tied down. It may be tempting to squeeze it between some heavy items to hold it in place, but a mattress can flop around. A big turn or a large gust of wind could cause the mattress to fall out onto the street.

Buy Moving Insurance

Even if you do use professional movers, buying moving insurance is always a great way to make sure your items are protected. Movers are only required to insure your items for as little as 30 cents per pound. If your king-sized mattress and box spring weigh a total of 150 pounds, the movers are only required to reimburse you for $45 if your mattress becomes damaged during the move. Insurance will help you replace the damaged mattress with a new one if necessary.

Following these tips will help your mattress arrive to your new place in the same condition you left it in. For more information or assistance, contact a local mover such as Doug's Hourly Muscle Movers & Packers Inc.


9 September 2015

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