Be A Self Storage Unit Magician And Use The Art Of Misdirection To Prevent Theft


Just like magicians use the art of misdirection to distract your eyes from their tricks, you too can use misdirection to your advantage when you place items into a self-storage unit. By using misdirection, you can easily mislead potential thiefs into believing that there is nothing of value in your storage unit. This will encourage them to leave your items alone and look elsewhere for items to steal.

Use these tips for protecting the items in your storage unit from theft using simple misdirection techniques:

Rent Small and Use It All

Good things may come in small packages, but the opposite is usually true for storage units. Units that are larger are often more desirable for theft because they contain more potential items to steal. Renting a small storage unit is less expensive, it is also a good choice because it gives the impression that you do not have much of value to store. In addition, smaller self-storage units that are well packed prevent open spaces where someone could climb around and view your items.

Wrap or Box Everything

To both protect and disguise all of your furniture and large household items, wrap them liberally with plastic moving wrap. To prevent people from seeing what your items look like, you can use opaque plastic wrap rather than the clear option.

All of your smaller items should be placed inside of cardboard storage boxes or plastic tubs. This will keep your items safe from dust and damage while they are in your unit, and it will keep people who are walking by when you have your storage unit's door open from seeing the contents of the boxes.

Deceive by Mislabeling Boxes

When someone steals from a self-storage unit, they are nervous to get away from the scene as soon as possible. They will typically grab items that are located nearest to the door and run away with them. Given a choice between a box of holiday items or one labeled "valuables," a thief is much more likely to steal the valuables box. For this reason, you should always mislabel the boxes in your storage unit.

Cover Everything to Hide It

Finally, to add an extra layer of theft protection, use moving blankets or plastic tarps to cover all of the items in your storage unit. This will prevent anyone from being able to easily identify the items you are storing and target them for theft.


10 September 2015

Keeping That Storage Unit Clean

When I started thinking about renting a storage unit, it occurred to me that I was going to be keeping almost all of my belongings inside a single small space. I called a few friends who had stored before for tips, and they told me that it was really difficult to keep your items clean and dust free. However, they gave me a few tips, such as covering all of your belongings with a giant dust cover. I want you to have a positive storage experience, which is why my blog is all about storing smarter. Check out these articles to learn how to find a great unit, how to keep your stuff clean, and how to avoid problems.