Tips To Avoid Improperly Storing Your Boat


Even though you may love being out on the water on your boat, the winter will eventually come and you will need to put your boat into storage. In order to avoid improperly storing your boat, you must be aware of the dangers of improperly storing your boat, as well as how to store it correctly.

The Dangers

One thing to look out for is the temperature of the place you are storing your boat. Your boat is constructed with materials that can be sensitive to extremely cold or hot temperatures. For example, an extremely cold storage climate could cause wood to warp, and an extremely hot storage climate may compromise the boat's overall structure due to the metals that can bend. The ideal temperature for a boat to be stored in is 50 °F.

Humidity should also be a concern since it can lead to the growth of mildew. While it won't compromise the structure of your boat like the climate, it can be expensive to remove. Mildew and mold can lead to health issues if you ignore the problem, so it is crucial that you get rid of it before you put your boat back in the water next year.

Uncovered boats will be exposed to sunlight, which will discolor the paint job on your boat. This is a simple problem to fix, because you just need to use an indoor storage facility or a boat cover.

Proper Storage Tips

Always give your boat a thorough cleaning after removing it from the water. Grime and dirt can damage the boat due to the acidic substances and moisture. It can attract insects and cause discoloration, and even scratch the boat's paint job.

It helps to put mold and mildew control bags inside the boat's interior. They work by using the active ingredient Cl02 (chlorine dioxide), which is a non-toxic chemical that neutralizes mold and mildew odor. The bags will help remove existing odors and prevent new ones from forming. Since they are non-toxic, they are also safe to use around pets.

You should also take some time to repair cracks on the boat while it is out of the water. Keeping the boat out of the water will put additional pressure on the boat's body, which can make small cracks into much larger ones. Fix damage while it's small and avoid a surprise when you take your boat out in the spring.

If you follow these tips, you'll avoid making any mistakes when it comes to storing your boat. For more information, contact a local storage company (such as Epic Group Inc).


10 September 2015

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