Three Ways To Thank Your Moving Crew For A Job Well Done


If you've ever moved on your own and with the help of a team of professional movers like Bell Moving & Storage, you know just how much less stressful the latter option can be. While you oversee the day's work, the movers can do the heavy lifting and get the job done quickly and carefully. When you hire movers for the day, it's always important to show your gratitude verbally. It's important to go beyond saying "thank you," however, if you're really impressed with the manner in which the crew carries itself -- and carries your household items. Here are three ways to show your thanks to the movers.


Tipping is arguably the best way to express your thanks for the moving crew's hard work and conscientious attitude. While the amount that you wish to tip is entirely up to you, the common amount to give is tip five percent of the cost of the move and to divide this amount between the crew members. This tip can often equate to somewhere around $10 or $20 per person. It's best to tip in cash and to distribute the money to each person at the conclusion of the day's work.


You're under no obligation to provide refreshments for the movers, but offering some drinks and perhaps even a meal is a way to show your thanks. Keeping a cooler of bottled water or sports drinks can help keep the movers feeling refreshed and hydrated, especially during a hot day. If it's cold or rainy outside, having some coffee on hand can be a kind gesture. If the move extends through lunch hour, offering to supply food for the crew is a nice way to express your gratitude. While many people order a couple pizzas, keep in mind that due to prevalence of this meal in the moving world, pizza is the last thing the crew might wish to eat. Instead, get a consensus among the crew to see what everyone might enjoy eating.

Following Up

Once the moving crew drives off at the end of the day, you can still show your gratitude. Consider following up by calling the crew's boss or writing an email in the next few days. Express your thanks for the crew's efforts and include specific examples; the latter element is one of the keys of saying thank you effectively. Saying thanks in this manner shows extra effort on your behalf and could even help the crew members' standing within the company.


11 September 2015

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