3 Useful Services To Locate Soon After Your Long Distance Move


If you're moving from one state to another, you probably already have the locations for some pretty big services nailed down. Hospitals, churches, grocery stores, and even libraries are important to find as soon as possible. There are some other places, though, that can be just as useful right away as those other places. Whether you need emergency pet care or you simply need to get away for a little while, you'll be glad that you've looked for these places in your new home area.


If you have pets, then you know that the unthinkable can happen when you least expect it. Whether your dog gets hurt when he jumps out of the moving truck that he shouldn't have been exploring or your cat suddenly won't eat, you may find that you need help. By doing a little bit of research on veterinarian clinics in the area before you move, you have an idea where to go for help right away if you need it. While you're at it, get the number and address for the nearest emergency veterinarian as well since most vets do not have extended hours.

Dollar Movie Theater

Almost every major area now has at least one movie theater that offers the full theater experience for much less than even matinee prices. Commonly called dollar movie theaters, these are a great way to take your family off for an afternoon of entertainment that won't cost a lot but gives everyone a few minutes of rest and relaxation from packing. Finding out where your local dollar theater is quickly can help to postpone quite a few moving-related meltdowns, from both the adults and the kids. The television may not be hooked up yet, and the movies may still be packed, but you can all still get out and enjoy an hour or two of fun.

Garden Nursery

If you're bringing plants with you in your long distance move, you might find that they're not doing as well as you hoped once you landed at your new home base. A few ferns or brightly-colored flowering plants can make a huge difference to your new front porch. You're probably not ready for any huge landscaping projects just yet, but those little touches can help you to feel right at home more quickly than you might have without them.

When you're ready to move from one state to another, contact experienced interstate movers. They can help you do everything from map out your route to help you pack your things. Experienced movers make a difference when you're moving long distances.


15 September 2015

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