Important Tips For Safeguarding Your Items In Personal Storage


The decisions that you make regarding your personal storage play a huge role in how safe your items remain. Since you are entrusting your items to these personal storage units, it is critical that you take some care in safeguarding all of your contents. To be sure that you are able to maximize on the safety of your items as you store them away, read on and put these tips to good use. 

Ask For And Keep Records Of All Financial Guarantees And Insurance Policies

In order to get guarantees on the safety of your items, you will need to get policies from your self storage facility in writing. Specifically, you should find out what sort of reimbursement is in place — cash value or replacement cost. You may also be able to purchase additional insurance from the self storage facility. You can also get in touch with your homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy to see if they will cover your items as they are stored.

Alert The Personal Storage Facility Management Of Potential Hazards Immediately

To be sure your items are kept safe and sound, you should always keep your self storage facility aware of any hazards or dangers that you notice. Don't be afraid to let the company know if you see somebody storing an item that might cause issues for the entire property. For instance, people storing cracked electrical cords or flammable items can have adverse effects on everybody.

Ensure That Your Self Storage Company Sticks To The Strictest Security Measures

You should do business with a storage facility that takes its security seriously by using access control systems and door alarms. Surveillance video alone is not enough, because in most cases, the purpose of a camera is to provide evidence after a burglary has already happened. It is better to opt for a facility that gives each occupant individual codes, rather than one that uses a universal code that members all have access to. Choosing a company with safeguards in place is half the battle when it comes to knowing your items will be in good hands.

To truly get a feel for how your self storage company conducts itself, take a visit and scope out the grounds, the management and the individual storage units. When you are ready to make such a visit, consider these tips and reach out to a self storage company like Santa Barbara Mini Storage in your area today.


15 September 2015

Keeping That Storage Unit Clean

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