How To Prepare Your Push Mower For Winter Storage


As warm weather comes to a close it's time to think about storing your push mower for the winter months. You don't just want to throw it in any place to store, since it has served you well over the summer. Before you send it into winter hibernation, here are some tips to get your push mower ready for winter storage.

Gather Tools

For this project, you need:

  • a putty knife
  • hose
  • a cloth or metal brush
  • battery cleaner
  • anti-seize compound
  • silicone spray
  • socket wrench
  • blade sharpener
  • fuel stabilizer
  • penetrating oil
  • cooking spray

Drain the Gas

Gas left sitting in the mower all winter can turn to varnish clogging the carburetor or rusting the inside. Either run the mower until the gas is gone, or drain it by hand. For short-term storage, add fuel stabilizer to reverse the effects of ethanol, and operate the mower for several minutes so the stabilizer flows into the carburetor. Fuel stabilizers will preserve the fuel for around six months.

Scrub It Good

Don't store your mower until you give it a good cleaning as many mowers are full of debris by the end of summer. Remove the spark plug with a socket wrench to keep the mower from starting. Detach the mower blade so you won't get cut, and use a putty knife to scrape off grass clumps. If you're having trouble removing the grass, coat the blade with cooking spray. 

Rinse the top, sides, and the mower deck with a hose. After the mower dries, coat the deck with silicone spray to prevent build up. Take out the battery, then apply a battery cleaner, and scrub the battery with a cloth or metal brush..

Fine Tune the Filter, Blade, and Spark Plugs

A spark plug doesn't need changing often, but if you can't recall the last time you changed it, it is best to buy a new one. Disconnect the old spark plug with a socket wrench, and use it as a guide for a replacement. Apply anti-seize compound before you install the new plug to make it easier to remove next time.

Check the air filters for damage. If your lawn mower has a sponge air filter, wash it, and set it back in place. A damaged paper air filter will need replacing. Sharpen the blade, and coat it with a layer of penetrating oil before reinstalling to prevent rust.

Don't forget to change the oil in the mower. Preparing your push mower for winter storage will help increase its longevity. Store the mower in a dry place like a garage or shed. If you don't have a safe place to store your mower at your residence or you need temporary storage for any reason, consider a self-storage unit. 

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22 September 2015

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